What makes a Tweet Retweetable

What makes a Tweet Retweetable

“To tweet or not to tweet; that is the conversion”, 21st century Hamlet thinks to himself while staring at the “Tweet” button.
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Well, there goes my theatricality… Previously on Followizator, I went through four basic tips to get your Twitter account up and running in no time by knowing when to post, how to show your brand and who to engage while trying to grow leads and generate conversions.

This article will deal with the content of the tweet itself and how you can make it go viral. In other words, how to make a tweet…


More often than not we know what we want to write, but we don’t know how to write it down. Combinations of words come to mind, all trumping over others while trying to be the ultimate way to communicate an idea… The thing is that we ought to be concentrating on WHAT first, rather than HOW.

The Content

Before writing, picture your audience; who are you referring to and why would they be interested in reading your tweets.

If you are promoting yourself or your brand, use keywords that directly resonate with your endeavor, while also being relevant to a certain niche.

If looking to generate a conversation between your followers a more direct approach is always welcome, encouraging them to become active participants. “Check this out” or “what do you think about that?” are excellent one-liners that will trigger a response from those who are interested in the subject at hand.

Always remember that we are all human beings. Yes, I said it; honesty and sincerity are becoming scarce and in this day and age we mustn’t allow these values to vanish, especially when dealing with social media. You want to be sought out, start by being humble :)

The Form

Great, you know what to share with your audience. Now let’s find out how.

#Hashtags can be very effective, but much like everything else, it is best not to overuse them. Two of them within the sentence of your tweet should do the trick, plus show that you know your way around tendencies.

Mentioning followers or other Twitter users will prove that you are in fact part of a community. Again, emphasizing the whole concept that we are all in this together #HighSchoolMusical

Twitter offers up to 140 characters to write, so use words wisely… or go visual! According to recent studies, tweets with images or videos result in more than 30% increase in clicks and visits.

Regarding the limit of characters, shortening links will prove useful. There are many services out there that also provide stats in order to track the effectiveness of your tweets.

Let’s take a look at this Tweet by Social Media Thought Leader @MariSmith:

To have in mind

When to send a tweet is crucial too. There are those who believe that the best time to do so is between 1pm to 3pm. Though it may be a common agreement, you may want to broaden your horizons; post for different time zones for instance in search of new followers.

You know that birds don’t sing, right? They chirp to communicate with each other. But their sound is so beautiful that it feels as though they are singing. Well, your tweets should have that same effect on us in order to enjoy them… and RT’em!

Lucas Gingles is Content Writer, Personal Account Assistant and Jedi Knight… Well, he loves Star Wars. Directing plays and short films are his alter ego professions.


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