How to keep your Twitter account clean (off crappy accounts!)

How to keep your Twitter account clean (off crappy accounts!)

“I wonder whose following me, the follower said,
is it a soaring bird, or a newborn egg?”
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Now that’s poetry!

So, today’s article, as the title suggests, and so does the #TweetQuote, has to do with Followizator’s new feature: Followings.

But, wait, what is Followizator, you ask? Well, you’re in for a treat, my friend.

Followizator is a magical tool based on a unique algorithm that gets you quality Twitter followers and leads in no time.

All what you have to do is register with your Twitter account, select the niches you’d like to be a part of (also known as #hashtags or trends) and you’re done. Fz will do the rest by growing your prospects organically via your timeline and providing valuable stats in the process.

Now that you know what Fz is and does, let’s go over its new thingamajig.

Followings show all the accounts you are currently – you guessed it – following. Fz’s algorithm adds both followers and followings to your account, trying to balance the equation. But don’t worry, after a certain time, the system will automatically quit following those who weren’t interested in your call.

The thing is that you may be inclined to unfollow people who:

  1. may have little to do with your niche, and/or
  2. are eggs: Twitter users who have just begun and are low on followers, that don’t really add up to your endeavor.

With Followings you can filter by:

  • Customized avatar (eggs or not to eggs)
  • Language
  • Followers/Followings ratio (the lesser indicates that the user may be an early adopter, while the higher, a social media Guru or an influential figure)
  • Daily Tweet Ratio (200 tweets a day for example, sounds like bot. An average user could be between 2 and 14)
  • Search for specific users

Delete the unwanted followings and star the treasured ones!

Mauro Casula, CTO at Followizator, explains:

“The filtering process will help the algorithm understand which accounts you’re focused on, and which ones you’re not interested in, growing and perfecting your targeted audience.”

Followizator is a great tool, and Followings makes it even better, but don’t get cocky #HanSolo. There’s still work to be done while Fz does its thing in the background. While you’re at it, you may want to learn how to grow your Twitter account with the right leads or what makes a Tweet Retweetable, and always remember: sharing is caring :)

Lucas Gingles is Content Writer, Personal Account Assistant and Jedi Knight… Well, he loves Star Wars. Directing plays and short films are his alter ego professions.


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