How to grow your Twitter account with the right leads

How to grow your Twitter account with the right leads
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Twitter’s premise as a social media platform is easy to learn but difficult to master. Questions arise when trying to promote an idea or a product, and the 140-character limit to write a Tweet can be intimidating rather than helpful.

Which brings me to this article; I’ll tell you four tips that will help you get the very best out of Twitter by creating and sharing unique content and interacting with your targeted audience.

1) Mark your calendar

Before we head towards what makes a successful Twitter endeavor, we should talk about time.

Every major social media network has its best and worst times to post, and more often than not, people tend to disregard this information.

By having a time schedule, you’ll be on the right track to promote your content and engage with your followers.

Twitter’s best time is between 9am and 3pm Monday through Thursday.

2) First impressions count

Your Twitter profile works much like a résumé, meaning that your bio and pictures should help solidify your brand identity.

If you come across a writer’s block, you may want to check if your bio description is clear and concise, or if you’ve managed to seamlessly include keywords.

Profile and background pictures are powerful engagement tools as well. A cheerful photo of you can create an emotional connection between your human followers, rather than a logo.

While we are at it, tweets with images or videos can result in up to 50% increase in leads according to actual statistics.

3) Keep it simple

As with any social media network, the key is to attract people to read your posts. Thus, the content should be interesting, fresh and catchy. This is no easy task, but let’s go over a few things to have in mind:

First off, the title of your post should be packed with words that call out for further reading, yet simple and discreet. Remember your 140-character limit!

If you include a link, you may want to shorten it via Google URL Shortener, for instance. It not only allows you to minimize the character count of the link itself, but also track how many times it was clicked on, which can prove to be very useful when strategizing your marketing campaign.

Finally, hashtags. You may think that the more you use, the better, but the truth is that hashtags are best served in small quantities.

Your brand’s current subject may be a part of an ever-expanding tendency. Say, for example, #QRCodes. QR codes are part of what is commonly known as #MobileMarketing. So here we have already to worthy hashtags. Let’s conjecture that the tweet itself deals with a specific use of QR codes in the automobile industry, thus, something like #Cars or #Automobile or even the manufacturer of a vehicle may be your third hashtag.

Regarding the use of hashtags, an app called Followizator has recently surfaced. It works as a means to gain quality followers and amplify your visibility via your preferred tendencies (hashtags). If you have a startup, this is an excellent way to get up and running in no time.

4) Sharing is caring

When sharing your content, always remember that we are all in this together. Our ideas and intentions may differ, but what drives us is the amazing possibility to connect with people through social media.

If your tweets get across your followers, they will most certainly share it among their peers, increasing the post’s longevity. Returning the favor by Retweeting one of their links will strengthen the relationship between your followers. Mention, favorite, give a #ShoutOut to a special someone; these are a few of the many ways that Twitter gives us to interact with people.

The aforementioned tips may very well be common knowledge. Nonetheless, the basics of social media interactions are sometimes misinterpreted, and that can cause poor marketing decisions.

Your time will be well spent if you know your way around the specifics of your platform in order to enrich your brand, as well as those who choose to be a part of it.

Lucas Gingles is Content Writer, Personal Account Assistant and Jedi Knight… Well, he loves Star Wars. Directing plays and short films are his alter ego professions.


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