Followizator – Targeted Followers for Twitter

Followizator – Targeted Followers for Twitter

Like everybody on Twitter, I get some odd follow requests. “Spamming Sunday,” as I call it, seems to be a flood of offers of Twitter followers for certain tiers of money. I could buy 50,000 followers? Were any of them actually alive? Then I was introduced to Followizator and my immediate reaction was to just drop Twitter altogether… but I didn’t and was pleasantly surprised.

It was actually a long-time and trusted client who asked me to try their new app. What could I say? I never cared for apps like these because they were always trouble in the end. As the request came from a trusted client and a successful one with, I delayed for only one week before adding the app to my Twitter account.

Targeted Twitter Followers

At first I thought it might be very slow as I put in certain hashtags and @s to help target followers. That night, the CTO of MobileLeaves, Mauro Casula, emailed me to say he saw I had finally signed on and wanted to make a suggestion for one of my hashtags. I then went through a 3-minute procedure called “workout.” It’s as easy as selecting followers that Followizator recommends me to unfollow, while following those that are worthwhile. Quite neat in my opinion, making the experience much more user friendly.

It was later at night when I changed the hashtag and I went to bed, mobile device at the bedside. Unfortunately, the alert ding! that signaled I had a new interaction went off like a machine gun… all night long. In the morning, my device alert said I had 237 new follows. I now turn off my alert sound at night as the follow numbers have remained steady ever since.

At first I was concerned about the quality of followers. I’ve always been a believer in the True 1,000 Fan Rule and anything in excess is just for show. Of course, the more targeted your followers, the better you can gain social media marketing through your tweets. I found that the quality was very high and I was glad to find out that there was a spam filter. With a quick scan, I could unfollow the useless followers.

It Worked!

It’s been a week since I installed Followizator and I have about 1,000 new followers – quality followers! It’s well worth the constant ding! that can be blessedly turned off! Mauro assures me, however that they are improving the tool fast and the algorithm to clean non-targeted followers, too).

“You’ll see some changes every week,” Mauro tells me. He also was excited to tell me that new, stronger filters have been introduced that improve followers/following ratios as well as better targeted followers and less lower interests matches. Getting rid of the ding! was good enough for me, but I can hardly wait to see what’s to come.

Speider Schneider has created products and marketing material for Warner Bros., Disney/Pixar, Harley-Davidson, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Mattel, DC and Marvel Comics and writes for global blogs on business practices, ethics, technology, QR codes and Augmented Reality.


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