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Some words from our customers

  • "We experienced an increase of 32% (+5000) users so far in 2 months. Focus on your tweets, Followizator will do the rest."
    Elisa C.Community Manager - EmpleONcom
  • "It's a time saver and a good fellow that will grow your twitter followers with worthy -not spammy- readers."
    Lucas G.Community Manager - uQR.me
  • "[tweet] Testing @followizator beta and getting too many followers to get back to them quickly. Forgive me if I don't respond for a bit."
    Speider S.Writer, Blogger & Social Media Ne'er-Do-Well
  • "My twitter presence is growing at a pace of 100 neat targeted followers a day, without effort.  What else can I ask for?"
    Diego G.Startups founder

Discover How Followizator Will Improve Your ROI

Time Saver

With a daily 5 minutes setup, Followizator will keep working for you 24/7. It’s the perfect Community Manager Assistant.

Social Media Growth

Followizator will find and filter your best prospects match within the network. You have the last word.

Safe Environment

Followizator will keep potentially harmful accounts at bay. We are constantly improving the algorithm to keep your social accounts fit.

A Prospects Finder

500 M. tweets are sent everyday. Followizator’s algorithm will learn from your targeted niche, and will fish your best matches in that ocean.

Bots and Zombies Clean Up

We’ll keep spammy and weird accounts at bay, by filtering suspicious profiles, to avoid them harming your social media reputation or worst.

Simple Yet Powerful

You’ll find all the necessary tools and stats needed to grow a healthy social media graph, with your audience ready to engage.

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